Personal development

While studying you have time to broaden your horizon and discover your personal strengths, interests and values. Therefore, we offer a broad range of trainings and workshops to help students develop themselves outside of academia and discover and enhance their talents.

Do you want to learn how to cope with stress about corona, get tips on how to relax, or learn how to become more organised?
Gezondeboel is an online platform where you can start improving your mental wellbeing in a free, easy and anonymous way.

Wageningen Study and Student Associations


Wageningen has a vibrant student life with lots of student and study associations that organise many interesting and fun activities for (international) students!

Studium Generale


Broadening Horizons with Extra Curricular Education

Are you keen to discover more about science, society, yourself while broadening your horizons beyond your niche study subject? Then Studium Generale is the place to be.

On Tuesday evenings (unless otherwise indicated) we offer free and open extracurricular education activities in the form of lectures (series), discussions, workshops, cultural events etc. on topics you may never have fathomed or perhaps often wondered about. From Religious Nationalism to Loneliness, Universal Basic Income, Animal Personalities and beyond, Studium Generale continuously provides you with windows into themes beyond your studies.

Join us in the safe and provocative environment where special guests share their insights. Together with students from across the WUR, you partake in activities which are a practice arena for academic reflection.


Certificate  Programme

In the Certificate Programme, you practice academic reflection by​ deepening and broadening your understanding of what you think, how you think and why you think what you think of yourself and the social and objective world in and around you.​ Practice academic reflection in writing and receive direct feedback from SG staff.

In this programme you are not tested or graded. Rather, we are there to guide you in the process of exploring yourself and the objective and social world around you. You may also partake in oral sessions where you are part of a community of students.

You receive a certificate signed by the Rector Magnificus which will bear witness to the investment you have made in yourself.


Open Mind Lab

In the Open Mind Lab (OML), you work in a small group of students to prepare a Studium Generale programme. You are supervised by Studium Generale staff as you and fellow group members are in the drivers’ seats of creating a Studium Generale activity for the WUR wide student body. Together, you design an inspiring and thought-provoking programme. This could, for example, take the form of a lecture series.

As an OML member, you participate in the entire development process of the event(s). From establishing a topic and diving into it, to the exploration of the theme, through to the planning discussions with the speakers, to the practical organization and the moderation of the programme.​

Discover how your contribution is an essential ingredient in a fruitful cooperation. OML participants are presented a Proof of Participation, marking this unique experience. Curious?