Travel Funding

Regulations Wageningen University Travel Funding

Under certain conditions, the Executive Board can reimburse the travel costs for an internship or thesis in a tropical or developing country based on the Travel Funding Regulations of Wageningen University.

To qualify, the student must be enrolled ‘as a student’ at Wageningen University in one of the MSc programmes:

  • MSc International Land and Water Management
  • MSc International Development Studies
  • MSc Development and Rural Innovation

In case the student is enrolled ‘as a student’ in another MSc- or BSc-programme of which the internship or thesis is part of the prescribed programme (BSc) or individual set of MSc examination subjects, at least 18 credits aimed at tropical or developing countries must have been earned previous to the internship or thesis.

Requirement is also that the student must have passed the course ‘Analysis and prevention of health risks in the tropics’ (ENT-50303) before leaving for the foreign country. This course is only given in certain periods, so plan this course carefully. Check all the other requirements at the Student Charter.

Students who receive a grant or bursary from any third party which includes an amount designated as ‘research fees’ can not apply.

The internship must always be approved by the study advisor and the internship or thesis supervisor.

As part of the application procedure for the travel funding, the income of the student’s parents is taken into account. This condition does not apply for students who are financially independent of their parents.

The reimbursement amounts to 75% of the travel costs to a maximum of €1000,-. A possible contribution to the travel costs made by the person or institution who offers the internship or thesis will be deducted from the costs eligible for reimbursement.

The travel costs will be reimbursed only once to a student (either for an internship or for a thesis), regardless how many Wageningen University study programmes he is following.

The student must apply to the Student Service Centre (SSC) for travel funding within 13 weeks after the internship/ thesis is completed. In the event of an emergency, the student can submit a request to the Student dean for payment of an advance on the travel funding prior to leaving.

>> Fill in and sign the form "Travel Fund" applicationform. You can hand in the form at the student desk in the Forum building.

The Wageningen University Travel Funding Regulation replaces the Wageningen University Travel Grant (2006/2007 Student Charter, 10.4) as from 1 January 2007. Some implementation agreements are made. They are part of the regulations which are published as Appendix VIII of this Student Charter. The conditions of the regulations will be updated every academic year.