Registration for courses

1. Activate your WUR account

With your WUR account you can log in to any computer at Wageningen University. You need a WUR account to be allowed access to our educational systems on the web. When no longer registered as a student at Wageningen University, your WUR account will be cancelled after 2 weeks.

2. Registration for courses

Course registration is mandatory!

  • Registering for a course means that students are registered for all parts of the course and for the relevant exam. This is possible through MyPortal;
  • Students can always register for 2 courses per period. Registering for more courses can be done to a maximum of 15 ECTS credits for each period. Registering for more than 15 ECTS credits can only be done by the course coordinator;
  • The final registration dates can be found on the agenda;
  • Some courses have a maximum. Registering for these courses closes a week early.
  • First year BSc students will be registered automatically for all courses in the first period of the first year ONLY. After that period students must register themselves;
  • Registration after the deadline is only possible with authorisation from the course coordinator. In this case the course coordinator has to register the student for the course;
  • During the registration period it is possible to withdraw for a course; 
  • Registration for only the exam or withdrawal from the exam may be done at the latest two weeks before the start of the exam week in which the exam will take place. This is in line with the present procedure for exam registration. It is not possible to register for exams after the deadline;

3. Exams and resit exams

Students can only take an exam in the period in which the course is scheduled for their own programme.

See the agenda for the registration dates of (resit)exams. Resit exams in February and August can be found on the scheduling site with the schedule of each course.

4. MyPortal

After registering for courses you can find lots of important information and links for your study on MyPortal.

5. Schedules

The schedules of Wageningen University are presented in two steps:

  • First there is the courseplanning. The courseplanning contains a list of courses you can sort on period and part of the day (see tab 'Courses 2019-2020'). With this overview it is possible to make a planning before the detailed schedules are published.
  • The second step is the detailed schedules. These will be published per period on the scheduling site and (after login) on MyPortal. The detailed schedules are updated daily.