You can arrange your re-enrollment in Studielink from May 1 to August 31. Before the start of each new academic year you need to enroll to be allowed to enjoy our education and make use of the facilities.

Always make sure your e-mail address in Studielink is up to date. Any correspondence about your enrolment will be sent to that e-mail address.

Submitting a request

You can submit a request for re-enrolment in Studielink from May 1 to August 31. This does not mean you have been enrolled!

Enter your payment details

Immediately after Wageningen University has calculated your provisional tuition fee you can enter your payment details (BSc, MSc and Online MSc) in Studielink. If you pay by digital direct debit authorisation, you have paid as soon as we have received your digital authorisation. If you choose to pay by bank transfer or by debit or credit card at the student Desk, you have paid your tuition fees when the amount has been credited to the bank account of Wageningen University.

When do I know I have been enrolled?

If you fullfilled the enrolment requirements before September 1, you will be enrolled. In Studielink your status will change to "Enrolled" en you will receive a Proof of Enrolment for the new academic year. Please make sure your correspondence address in Studielink is correct.


Re-enrolment as a Bachelor or Master student at any other time is only possible as of February 1.

In very exceptional cases and with permission of the Student Dean and the Head of the Student Service Centre enrolment as a Bachelor or Master student at another time is possible. You need to make an appointment with the Student Dean to discuss this.