The eWallet: payment system Wageningen University & Research

The eWallet is a virtual wallet, that you need in order to pay for printing and for purchases from the vending machines. To use the eWallet you need to top up the credit. After you have topped up your eWallet you use your WUR card to identify yourself and pay for your prints from the multifunctionals and for your purchases from the vending machines.

You can top up the credit on your eWallet via or by using the MyInepro app (available in all app stores) from Inepro. Dutch bank account holders can pay via iDeal, whereas non-Dutch bank account holders use PayPal (from your own country) or your Credit Card. You can top up your eWallet with €10, €20, €30, €40 or €50. Please bear in mind that transaction fees are charged for every top up. If you top up often, you might end up paying exorbitant transaction fees.  So think carefully about the amount before you top up!

More information: please check our "Questions and Answers" (Financial matters --> eWallet)

For other questions: Servicedesk Facilities, or 0317-486666.