Blended Course Managing Public Space: Time and Scale

Are you looking for ways of dealing with complex challenges in the management of public space on different scale levels? Do you observe relations between operational, tactical, and strategic management in your daily practice? Would you like to broaden and deepen your theoretical knowledge and apply the latest insights in a real-world context? Are you looking for an integrated approach to management and maintenance? Do you enjoy collaborating with master students? Then this course is something for you!

Organised by Wageningen Academy, Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning
Course Format Blended
Credits Certificate

This course most probably will be scheduled for spring 2023.
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This course has been developed by experts of Wageningen University in collaboration with the Stichting Managing Public Space. The course is part of a series of three courses, which can be followed separately.

Why follow this course?

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Position management challenges in the wider context of time, scale, systems, disciplines, and the values of public space;
  • Identify the added value of and conditions for integration in a wider context;
  • Analyse relevant objects, systems and their lifecycles;
  • Apply relevant theories and methods;
  • Develop and evaluate possible integrated solutions for the challenges at hand;
  • Able to cross boundaries between theory and practices.

For whom is this course?

This course is designed for a blend of two groups: professionals acquainted with the management of public space with a Bachelor level by working experience or study, and master students with a background in planning or design. Professionals and students collaborate in this course in small interdisciplinary teams.

Programme and topics

The course includes lectures, exercises, group work, field work, presentations, personal reflection and a symposium.  


  • Operational, tactical, and strategic management
  • Scale levels from project and neighbourhood to region
  • Lifecycle management
  • Systems approach
  • Relations between underground and above ground systems
  • Dealing with uncertainty, temporality, flexibility
  • Assessment frameworks

Course leader

The course leader is dr. ir. Marlies Brinkhuijsen, Wageningen University & Research.

Stay informed

You can show your interest for this course. Questions? Contact the programme manager or course leader.