Youth Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and Changing Food Systems

The global population is growing, and getting ‘younger’ by the day across Africa and Asia. Young women and men in these continents need jobs or support to start their own businesses. Food systems are straining to feed this expanding population and need to evolve to do this sustainably. Using tools, frameworks, case studies and interactive sessions, this course blends practical hands-on training with cutting-edge research. It will provide you with a strengthened conceptual and practical understanding of food systems, labour markets, entrepreneurship, education and livelihoods. The result will be a greater ability to analyze these multiple challenges and come up with practical solutions to tackle them.

Organised by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Mon 17 October 2022 until Fri 2 December 2022

Scholarships Yes
Scholarship Application February / March
Course Format Online
Credits Certificate

What will you learn?

  • How to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the education, labour and finance markets for youth, and how to improve them;
  • How to apply various tools and models, including food systems modelling, to raise the socio-economic impact from multiple country case studies;
  • Good practices to apply about general trends in demographics, nutrition, and migration;
  • New methods of teaching, training and managing multi-stakeholder partnerships;
  • How gender, age, education and access to resources makes ‘youth’ a heterogeneous group and requires different approaches to successfully target them.

Course details

For whom is this course?

This course is intended for practitioners, business leaders and policy makers, preferably with a minimum of 3 years’ practical work experience. Applicant backgrounds include;

  • Business leaders in the agri-food, educational and finance sectors;
  • Practitioners in development and aid-funded programmes;
  • Public sector workers and policy makers working in the fields of agriculture, education, finance or youth & gender;
  • Researchers from think-tanks, universities or other educational

Participants are intentionally selected from a variety of backgrounds so that during group work participants also learn from the variety of one another’s experience.

Course programme in more detail

During this course you will learn how to address the overlapping challenges of employment for young women and men within changing food systems. Food systems innovate to sustainably feed a growing global population. Blending practical
case studies with complex modeling, this course will benefit project practitioners, business leaders and policy-makers alike.

Duration Part-time / 7 weeks
Studyload 80 hours
Programme Facilitated sessions 7 hours per week / Self-study 7 hours per week
Break Yes, between 21-25 November

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