What is the STAP budget?

Professionals as well as job seekers may be applied for annually for STAP budget. This is subsidy of a maximum of a €1000,- provided by the Dutch government and is used for educational purposes. The selected courses you can choose from range from programmes focussing on soft skills to full master's courses.

The aim of this budget is to stimulate labour positions. STAP makes it easier to keep developing yourself continuously. This is in line with WUR's ideals. The university is committed to develop courses for professionals and other curious people to stimulate growth in their careers and personal development.

Please note that only selected courses at WUR are eligible for the STAP-budget.


Some conditions apply to be eligible for this budget:

• You are older than 18 and do not yet receive state pension.

• You have lived, worked or received benefits in the Netherlands for at least 6 months in the past 24 months.

• You have not yet received STAP budget in the calendar year of your STAP application.

• There is still STAP-budget left.

More information

For general information about STAP,
please visit UWV_STAP - Home ( (only in Dutch).

Would you like to know more about STAP budget at WUR? Please fill contact Klaar Vernaillen via the contact form. Dekstop? You can find the contact information at the top of the page. Mobile? Scroll down further to find the contact information.