Funding your PhD

There are a many places where you can apply for funding to finance your PhD at the university.



WOTRO offers grants for medium-sized research programmes or integrated sets of projects conducted by PhD or postdoc researchers from the Netherlands and developing countries. In order to be considered your research programme should be aimed at either development issues in a broad sense or at UN Millennium Development Goals.

Sandwich PhD fellowship

Wageningen has a limited number of fellowships available for candidates who plan to become a sandwich PhD candidate. You can learn more about the sandwich fellowship on the Sandwich PhD page. Please note that this fellowship only covers a maximum of eighteen months spent in the Netherlands, you will have to find additional funding.

Africa Talent Programme

Wageningen has a limited number of positions available for PhD-candidates and postdocs with the African nationality. You can learn more about this programme on the Africa Talent Programme Page.

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences awards grants and funding for research, conference visits or periods of residence abroad. They also contribute to the cost of organising international conferences, workshops and colloquia in the Netherlands and promote international communication and partnerships.

Private Grants

The Central Student Administration can provide more information about private grants. You can also consult the Fondsenboek (Grants Book), a book that is annually published by the Association of Grant Providers in the Netherlands. It contains an extensive overview of private grants available in the Netherlands. You can find an overview of the university related private funds on the University’s funds page.

LEB Foundation

LEB Foundation provides funding for research in agriculture and the environment. This funding consists of one-time, yearly disbursements for PhD students who are employed in the Netherlands or are working abroad on behalf of a Dutch organisation. The foundation also sponsors Dutch researchers up to 35 years old who do not hold a staff position and non-Dutch researchers from developing countries with limited financial support.


The Netherlands Organisation for Cooperation in Higher Education' s website features a grant search engine: de beursopener  or grantfinder in English. The grantfinder will give you an overview of a large number of grants available for both Dutch candidates looking to go abroad and international PhD candidates interested in pursuing a degree in the Netherlands.


The EURAXESS website continuously updated information on vacancies, funding opportunities and fellowships across Europe. You can also consult the Dutch EURAXESS website, which contains an overview of vacancies, grants and fellowships available in the Netherlands.

Other funding

YEP: for Dutch Young Water Experts

For PhD research involving water management (in particular in the agricultural sector), improved river basin management and safe estuaries or access to safe drinking water and sanitation. YEP helps Young Experts to gain international work experience for one or two years. YEP Water is a Public Private Partnership between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP).

If your research is financed by an organization or company or has EU- IFAD, FAO project financing or other NO Dutch Government financing, you can apply for 50% subsidy. Write a proposal with a company /organization. Please check this page for information or contact Marjon Reiziger 06-46081292 or Afke van der Woude, 070-3043736.

Travel compensation

If you are a member of the university staff, you can make use of the regulations regarding financial compensation for national and international travel. Please bear in mind that financial compensation for travelling and postings abroad will be paid for from the project budget. You can find out more about travel compensation on the HRM website on intranet or contact the HRM advisor of your department.

Printing dissertations

An array of printing companies have the expertise of printing PhD theses and you are free to choose the company where you can print your thesis. However, do note that when the invoice of the printing is addressed to Wageningen University (which generally is your chair group) the printing has to be done by Digiforcedenhaag as there is a formal agreement with “Digiforce Den Haag” in this situation. You can also select this company when you pay the invoice yourself.

All PhD candidates are entitled to financial support for the printing costs of the thesis, including 15 copies for the Doctorate Secretariat of PhD services and 1 copy for the library. The actual amount to be paid is to be agreed upon by the chair and depends on various elements (e.g. number of copies, colour printing when required, thesis size) but cannot exceed 1250 euros.