Experimental Plant Sciences

Experimental Plant Sciences

EPS organises and coordinates fundamental and strategic plant research of the collaborating universities, aiming at the development of new principles in plant molecular biology, plant physiology, plant growth for sustainable agriculture and horticulture, plant breeding and plant protection.

Mission Statement

  • To organise the training of PhD candidates to become self-reliant, societal skilled researchers in the field of basic and strategic research on healthy plants or plants affected by biotic or abiotic factors. The understanding of the functioning of plants offers new means for establishing sustainable agriculture and sustainable production of food, feed, non-food and green energy, and is also essential for the management of renewable natural resources.
  • To create a national platform for academic experimental plant scientists for mutual consultation, collaboration and coordination in research, research policy, fundraising, societal discussions and representation at the national and international level, thus contributing to solutions for societal problems.
  • To create an international network with graduate schools in Northwestern Europe for joint PhD activities and collaboration in research activities.

Research programmes

  • Developmental biology of plants
  • Interactions of plants and biotic agents
  • Metabolism and adaptation