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About WIAS

WIAS is engaged in fundamental and strategic research and provides training for young researchers on societally relevant animals, ranging from commercial animals such as livestock and fish, to experimental animals such as zebrafish, mice and rats to companion animals and free ranging (wild) animals.

The objective of the graduate school WIAS is to train PhD candidates to become professionally skilled scientists with strong theoretical backgrounds. WIAS aims to reach this goal by offering advanced education, opportunities for reflection on the scientific profession, and by giving PhD candidates the opportunity to communicate their research to the national and international scientific community.

Download the WIAS strategy 2018-2021 here:

PhD Programme

A PhD study at WIAS usually lasts four years. At least 75% of the study is dedicated to an externally refereed research project within the WIAS research programme. About 12-25% of the PhD term, (in other words 30-60 ECTS credits) are spent on postgraduate education and training. The WIAS Education Certificate will be awarded upon graduation when the PhD candidate has fulfilled the education requirements.

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