WIAS Staff members

WIAS staff members compete at the highest international levels of their respective areas of research. All core researchers are involved in supervision of MSc students and PhD candidates. In addition, they all contribute to BSc, MSc and PhD education.

To ensure continuously high quality in research, education, and supervision, WIAS periodically assesses its tenured staff, using several criteria.

WIAS Staff members

Adaptation Physiology group

Animal Breeding and Genetics group

Animal Nutrition group

Animal Production Systems group

Aquaculture and Fisheries group

Behavioural Ecology group

Cell Biology and Imunology group

Experimental Zoology group

Human and Animal Physiology group

Host-Microbe Interactomics group

Quantative Veterinary Epidemiology group

Farm Technology group

Mathematical and Statistical Methods group

Mathematical and Statistical Methods

Livestock Research


Central Veterinary Institute

Central Veterinary Institute