PE&RC course "Structural Equation Modelling" (January 2018)

Organised by Graduate School PE&RC

Mon 22 January 2018 until Fri 26 January 2018

The course Structural Equation Modelling will take place from 22 to 26 January 2018.

WIAS supports this PE&RC course, resulting in a 245 euro fee reduction for each participating WIAS PhD candidate doing a TSP.

While much of statistics focusses on associations between variables and making predictions, the aim of structural equation modelling is to test multivariate causal hypotheses and to estimate causal relationships between variables. In spite of the common belief that any causal statement requires randomized experiments, there is an increasing body of theory, methodology and software that enables scientists to draw certain types of causal conclusions from observational data. This has important advantages, especially in cases where randomized experiments are not feasible. Notably, causal models allow the quantification of intervention effects, which is the response of the system given a certain value of one your variables (e.g. rainfall).

This new course will explain the key concepts underlying causal inference, the required assumptions, and how the interpretation of results differs from the case of randomized experiments

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