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Call Wageningen Graduate Schools Sandwich PhD: deadline for proposals 12 June 2018

Sandwich PhD candidates are international PhD candidates who only spend part of their time at Wageningen University. To apply for a Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) sandwich PhD position, you can follow the steps outlined on the Application form. You can apply by sending the application form plus all the required annexes (in one compiled file) through SURFfilesender to henrieke.deruiter@wur.nl . At the end of the form you will find instructions. Please read the instructions carefully before sending the form. If you wish to apply for a sandwich PhD position, you will need to provide proof of commitment from your home institute in addition to the other documentation. Please bear in mind that the number of applications for WGS sandwich PhD positions greatly exceed the number of available places. Only the best candidates with the most original and innovative research proposals will be selected. Deadline for proposals is 12 June 2018. Please note that applications must be done by professors of Wageningen University. For more information, please check: https://www.wur.nl/en/Education-Programmes/PhD-Programme/Categories-of-PhD-Candidates/Sandwich-PhD-Candidates.htm