WGS Calls

Two calls from Wageningen University have recently opened: the WGS Sandwich PhD Programme and the Africa Talent Programme. Each person with the ius promovendi in Wageningen can submit one application in each call.

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WGS Sandwich PhD Programme

The aim of the WGS Sandwich PhD Programme is capacity building: a way for the university to reach out to like-minded scientific institutes to build international scientific networks, to facilitate exchange and to reinforce the knowledge basis of these institutes.

This programme includes an 18 month scholarship for PhD candidates in Wageningen and other financial components such as visa compensation and travel costs. Additional funding for a candidate is needed for the time not spent in Wageningen. Compared to last year, some alterations to eligibility criteria and the application form have been made. For more information please click here.

  • Number of positions available: 6
  • Eligibility: see country list
  • Application deadline: 18 May 2022
  • Start: before the end of 2022

Africa Talent Programme

The Africa Talent Programme (ATP) has been initiated by Wageningen University & Research to give young talents from Africa the opportunity to become a PhD-candidate or obtain a postdoc position at Wageningen University.

With this programme, Wageningen aims to attract the most talented scientists from Africa by offering a 4-year, full-time PhD position or the financial equivalent of a postdoc (3 years). A preselection is made by the Wageningen Graduate Schools. For more information please click here.

  • Number of positions available: 7
  • Eligibility: Master / PhD graduates with African nationality 
  • Application deadline: 1 June 2022 for applicants, 13 June 2022 for graduate schools
  • Start: at the latest 1 December 2022