WIAS graduate programme

The graduate school WIAS offers funding to enable one MSc students to start a PhD at a WIAS chair group and subject of their choice. The 3 best MSc students participating in the WIAS graduate programme will be invited to write and present a PhD proposal for the graduate programme and they will then compete for the PhD position together with a maximum of 3 external students.

Content of the WIAS graduate programme

The WIAS Graduate Programme is embedded in the second year of your MSc programme and consists of the following three course elements:


  1. Orientation: Experience the research and atmosphere of a Chair group. By spending 1 week each at two different WIAS Chair groups during which you fully participate in all the group’s activities. Run along with one or two PhD candidates to get an idea of the groups’ research. After these rotations you will have a good impression of the group’s research projects and atmosphere. (September 2018-April 2019)
  2. Getting in touch with PhD candidates: Interview PhD candidates about their experiences as a PhD candidate. (September 2018-April 2019)
  3. WIAS Science Day: Join the WIAS PhD candidates during the Science Day and hear all about the research that is performed. (February 2019, 1 day)
  4. Research Master Cluster – Proposal writing for Animal Sciences: Professional training sessions, including scientific writing, argumentation, presentation, review of proposals and writing a rebuttal, are strategically alternated with writing your PhD research grant proposal under supervision of a personal coach (May-July 2019, 12 ECTS, YAS-60312)


Next to these activities you follow the regular courses of your MSc programme, including your major MSc thesis, and an internship (for some WUR MSc programmes compulsory), which can be conducted abroad. Please note, it is strongly recommended to complete your (major) MSc thesis successfully before you start with the Research Master Cluster in May 2019.



  • The proposed PhD project has to be executed within one of the WIAS groups: ABG, ANU, AFI, APS, ADP, BHE, CBI, EZO, FTE, HAP, HMI, MAE, REG, QVE.
  • The awarded PhD project should start in 2019


Do you consider yourself a potential candidate? Then please send a motivation letter to Janneke van Seters: janneke.vanseters@wur.nl.