WIAS graduate programme

Every year, the graduate school WIAS offers funding to enable an MSc student to start a PhD at a WIAS Chair group and subject of his/her choice. The WIAS graduate programme is linked to the Research Master Cluster for Animal Sciences, YAS-60312 (RMC). During the RMC three MSc students will be selected by a jury to write a PhD proposal and they will compete for the PhD position together with a maximum of three external students.


  • The proposed PhD project has to be executed within one of the WIAS groups
  • MSc students must be selected for and finish the course Research Master Cluster for Animal Sciences (YAS-60312, 12 ECTS)
  • MSc students must finish an orientation course consisting of a visit to chairgroups, attending the WIAS Science Day or 2 colloquia, interviewing PhD candidates and writing a motivation for the chair group of their choice.

For more information and questions regarding the WIAS Graduate Programme, please contact Janneke van Seters (janneke.vanseters@wur.nl)