Participating chair groups

Code Chair Group WIMEK Research Group Leader(s) %
AEW Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management Group Prof.dr. A.A. (Bart) Koelmans 100%
BCT Biobased Chemistry & Technology K. (Karel) Keesman 20%
ENP Environmental Policy Group Prof.dr. S.R. (Simon) Bush 55%
ENR Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Group Prof.dr. E.C. (Ekko) van Ierland 35%
ESA Environmental Systems Analysis Group Prof.dr. H.B.J. (Rik) Leemans 100%
ETE Environmental Technology Group H.H.M. (Huub) Rijnaarts & C.J.N. (Cees) Buisman 100%
HWM Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management Group R. (Remko) Uijlenhoet 100%
LAR Landscape Architecture Group A. (Adri) van den Brink 100%
LUP Land Use Planning Group Dr. M.M. (Martha) Bakker, Acting chair holder 20%
MAE Marine Animal Ecology Group Prof.dr. A.J. (Tinka) Murk
MAQ Meteorology and Air Quality Group Prof.dr. A.A.M. (Bert) Holtslag & Prof.dr. M.C. (Maarten) Krol 100%
MIB Microbiology Group (only Environmental Microbiology part) Prof.dr. H. (Hauke) Smidt & Prof. A.J.M. (Fons) Stams 30%
PCC Physical Chemistry and Colloid Sciences Group J.M. (Mieke) Kleijn 30%
PEN Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation Group D. (David) Kleijn 20%
SLM Soil Physics and Land Management Group Prof.dr. C.J. (Coen) Ritsema
SOC Soil Chemistry and Chemical Soil Quality Group Prof.dr. R.N.J. (Rob) Comans 100%
TOX Toxicology Group I.M.C.M. (Ivonne) Rietjens & N.W. (Nico) van den Brink 20%
WRM Water Resources Management P.J.G.J. (Petra) Hellegers 20%
WSG Water Systems and Global Change Prof.dr. C. (Carolien) Kroeze 100%