Finding suitable courses

Monthly update of SENSE courses, external courses, summer schools and more

The SENSE e-News gives an overview of upcoming courses in the SENSE domain.

A1 SENSE Introductory Course

In the SENSE course 'Environmental Research in Context' several perspectives and approaches to analyse and to solve environmental problems are discussed. You will find out how your own research project fits within other (multi-) disciplinary approaches and you will discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of your approach compared to these alternatives.

This course is required for your WIMEK TSP. It is advisable to take it as early as possible during your PhD trajectory. For this course registration in the SENSE MyPortal is necessary.

Wageningen Graduate Schools Courses

Here you can find competences, skills and career oriented courses which are organised by Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) in which the 6 Graduate Schools of Wageningen University (EPS, PE&RC, VLAG, WASS, WIAS and WIMEK) are formally organised.

SENSE courses

Here you can find courses organised by the national research school of which WIMEK is part. On the SENSE website you can also find a selection of interesting external courses in the SENSE field.

A2 Research Context Activity

The A2 Research Context Activity is another mandatory element of your TSP. It is an individual assingment related to your own research, putting it in a broader societal and/or (multi)disciplinary context.