General WIMEK PhD information

It is a pleasure to hereby welcome you as new PhD candidate to the ranks of WIMEK and the SENSE Research School. We aim to support you in the excellence and pleasure of your PhD research, by offering high quality scientific training and by maintaining an active network of environmental researchers from a range of relevant disciplines.

To take part in this network, the first thing for you to do now is to create your personal page as in the secured SENSE portal. This will also give you access to your online TSP (training and supervision plan), to be filled out in agreement with your supervisor(s). Please go to our portal page for further instructions at:

Being part of the SENSE network makes it possible for you to participate in the course programme as listed in the SENSE Course Programme (directly available at: You will also start receiving our electronic newsletter SENSE e-News, through which medium we will keep you informed about items and events which may be interesting for you.

SENSE introductory movie

We would also draw your attention to our short SENSE introductory movie. It will only take 5 minutes of your time to get a quick impression of the SENSE research school. We sincerely hope you will find SENSE to be an inspiring and helpful environment for your research. You are hereby invited to actively join the exchange and to help us make the network work!

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Information for all WIMEK PhD candidates

The Introductory guide “welcome to SENSE” provides information about the SENSE research school, the SENSE PhD programme, requirements for your PhD training and education programme and some other general issues.

Training & Supervision Plan (TSP)

You should fill out your TSP on-line at your own page at the SENSE portal. The general requirements for your TSP are mentioned in the SENSE introductory guide and at the SENSE website.

Application form PhD research proposal

You can use the WIMEK PhD research proposal form in the WIMEK PhD procedure table to write out your research project.

Application SENSE diploma

When you have planned your PhD graduation, you can ask for a SENSE diploma by filling out the “SENSE diploma application form” and send it to If you have your TSP in the PhD Roadmap, you can use the upload tool in the Roadmap. If you made your TSP on the former SENSE website, you may use the form you can download from the WIMEK PhD procedure table.

Please do so at least 15 weeks before the proposed defence date, so we have enough time to process you request!!

Data Management Support

Wageningen UR attaches great importance to well managed research data. To effectively support you with your research data management, all expertise is represented at the Data Management Support Hub. Here, you can find information on a wide range of topics like data management planning, managing your source code and publishing your final data. Data Management Support also offers a course on data management planning.

Doctoral conferral regulations

For more information about the official requirements for your doctorate, please read the Doctorate conferral regulations at Wageningen University carefully.

WIMEK PhD council

The WIMEK PhD Council (WiPC) represents all PhD students involved in the Graduate School WIMEK at Wageningen University. The main aims of the council are to provide students with all the information relevant to their work at the University and to strongly work together on solving problems regarding education, supervision and planning that students might face during their research project.

More on PhD council

Confidential advice

In case of conflicts or problems you can ask for confidential advice.

More on confidential advice