Tips and tricks for PhDs

External PhD candidate account library

External PhD candidates might not always have an email address of Wageningen UR, which means also no access to the collection of the Library.
From now on it is possible for external PhD candidates to get access to the collection of the library without an email address of Wageningen UR. The external PhD candidate can register as a guest user at the website of the library. The external PhD candidate must register with the same email address as is registered in the Promis system, this will give access to the complete Wageningen UR collection. Once the PhD project is stopped, the guest account is also no longer valid.
For chair groups it no longer necessary to apply for external PhD candidate WUR account to get access to library only.

Library support for PhD candidates'

The Wageningen UR library has a special support page for PhD candidates.

Registration for MSc courses

Registration for MSc courses requires a four-steps procedure:

  1. If you want to take an MSc course as part of your Qualifying Exam (QE), please send an email to, indicating the code of the course, and that you want to register for it as part of your QE.
    If you want to take an MSc course as part of your Training and Supervision Plan (TSP), please send an email to WIMEK (, indicating that you want to register for a MSc course as part of your TSP.
  2. You will receive and email and a registration form that you can complete, sign and return.
  3. You will receive a proof of registration from the Student Service Centre (SSC).
  4. You can register for the Learning Management System Blackboard (see next paragraph). It will take a day before you can take this last step.

Access to Brightspace and MyPortal for WUR PhD candidates

PhD candidates at Wageningen University do not automatically get access to Brightspace. If you teach or take a course this access is strongly recommended.

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Data Management Support

Wageningen UR attaches great importance to well managed research data. To effectively support you with your research data management, all expertise is represented at the Data Management Support Hub. Here, you can find information on a wide range of topics like data management planning, managing your source code and publishing your final data. Data Management Support also offers a course on data management planning.

Doctoral conferral regulations

For more information about the official requirements for your doctorate, please read the Doctoral degree regulations at Wageningen University carefully.

Printing your PhD thesis: rules at Wageningen University

Following a European call for tenders, Wageningen UR has selected by the printer company Digiforce, the Hague, for printing the PhD theses. This means that if the printing of your thesis is directly paid by your chair group, you are obliged to print your thesis with Digiforce. However, in case you pay the invoice yourself, you are not obliged to print your thesis with Digiforce. You can print your thesis with other printer companies and request subsidy from, or reimbursement by your chair group. Digiforce has of course committed to an attractive price and quality for WU PhD theses, so it may be advisable to investigate what this company can offer you.

WUR information for current PhD Candidates

Lots of useful information can be found on the general WUR website for PhD Candidates. Topics are: