WIMEK PhD Council

The WIMEK PhD Council represents all PhD candidates involved in the Graduate School WIMEK at Wageningen University. The main aims of the council are to provide PhD candidates with all the information relevant to their work at the University and to strongly work together on solving problems regarding education, supervision and planning that PhD candidates might face during their research project.

A representative of the Council actively defends the PhD candidates' interestsis during meetings of the WIMEK Education Committee and the WIMEK Board. On a wider range, the Council is also present at the Wageningen PhD Council (WPC) meetings with the University General Board, and in the SENSE PhD Council. In all these instances, the WIMEK PhD Council focus attention on all work-related issues brought by students to the Council.

In the past years, some of the issues that we worked on were: the overall rules regarding the teaching responsibilities of PhD candidates, the modification and improvement of the introductory A1 course to all WIMEK PhD candidates and analysis of the budget for PhD courses. Other activities of the Council also include: organisation of events that encourage PhD candidates to participate in WIMEK/SENSE activities, promote the WIMEK Graduate School as a Center of Excellence in research and create a link between students from different departments.

The WIMEK PhD Council consists of a group of motivated and cooperative PhD candidates from different departments within WIMEK. If you have any complain, suggestions or doubts regarding the PhD Council, feel free to contact us. And new members are very welcome! You can send an e-mail to wimekpc@wur.nl to be invited to one of the monthly meetings.

    We are looking for people who are willing to represent the interests of WIMEK PhD candidates!
    Do you want to be part of the discussion on what courses and activities your graduate school (WIMEK) should organize, and influence the direction of its efforts? Do you feel WIMEK can improve the way it is supporting its PhD candidates? And do you want learn and feel how a university is run? The WIMEK PhD council is looking for new members!

    More and more organizations, including academic institutions like universities, are requesting political skills such as so called organizational sensitivity. In the Netherlands, when you want to work for an organization like NWO or the KNAW, this is a required competency to have; and evidence that you have experience is key in getting in.

    The WIMEK PhD council offers you the opportunity to gain this experience, while working on approving the way WIMEK supports their PhD candidates. The WIMEK PhD council has a vote in the WIMEK board, has two positions in the WIMEK Education committee, confers with the Wageningen PhD Council (WPC) and with the SENSE PhD council. This give ample opportunity to explicitly influence how WIMEK can best support its PhD candidates. In addition, the WIMEK PhD council offers a great way to network, and built a strong social connections with the WIMEK PhD community.

    As WIMEK PhD members are representatives of the WIMEK PhD community, we are looking for representatives with a diverse background, a.o.  in terms of chair groups and clusters, gender, nationality and PhD category. For Sandwich PhD candidates, shorter stints are also possible.

    In addition, you will receive around €500 per year* for the time you spend in the WIMEK PhD council, and this money will be added to your backpack (“rugzakje”); and 2 ECTS on management activities (with a maximum of 6). This depends on how many months of the year you spend on the council, and how many members the council has.

    Interested, please send the WIMEK PhD council an email with your motivation by mentioning how you can contribute to the betterment of the WIMEK PhD’s. Include information about the chair group you are part of, and category of PhD. Please send the email to: wimekpc@wur.nl

    If you have further questions, please also let the WIMEK PC know via wimekpc@wur.nl. If you want to know more about the time investment, the credits and rugzakje, or what WIMEK thinks the WIMEK PC can achieve, please ask Peter (peter1.vermeulen@wur).