Housing in Wageningen

Housing for PhD candidates

Idealis is the student accommodation provider in Wageningen and Ede and owns around 5,300 housing units. Some categories of PhD candidates are also eligible for their rooms.


Idealis can only guarantee housing for Sandwich PhD, guest PhD candidates and external PhD candidates. In all other cases neither PhD Services nor Idealis can help you. You will need to find a living space in a different way.

Furnished apartments

For couples there are also some double rooms. The demand for these apartments exceeds the availability most of the time. So it will be very hard to find one via Idealis.

Applying for housing

1. To be able to apply for housing you must be registered in Promis, this is step 5 in the timetable. Registration in Promis has to be done by the Research School. After that you can ask your supervisor to send in a housing request. Usually the secretary of your chair group will apply for you by sending your contact details and planned day of arrival to PhD Services.

2. PhD Services will check whether you are entitled (see above) for a guaranteed room via Idealis.

3. Idealis then will contact you about registration on their website.

4. As a PhD Candidate, with room guarantee, you get distance priority at Idealis for one month. That should be enough to get a room before your arrival. It is strongly advised to react to two rooms each day (if available).
Rooms are offered for 48 hours on the website. After those two days the final result is made up. So it is possible that you are on the first place direct after you've responded to a room. But at the end of the two days someone else gets it because of a longer registration time.

Please note:

1. Not all rooms from Idealis are (completely) furnished. If a room is not furnished there will be nothing in that room, like a bed or curtains.

2. Start with this procedure four to six weeks before your planned arrival. That will give you enough time to find a room. If you start earlier, the rent of the room will start earlier too, most of the time.

Finding housing yourself

There are several other ways of finding a place to live. Because there is a high demand for student housing in Wageningen it is often challenging to find a place to live. Especially at the start and in the middle of the academic year. Therefore you better start to search on the private market at the earliest possible moment.

To start your search on the private market see the link on the right side of this page.