Housing in Wageningen

Housing for PhD candidates

There are several other ways of finding a place to live. Because there is a high demand for student housing in Wageningen, it can be challenging to find a place to stay.

Ways to find housing

-Private market
-Searching via social media or friends.
To start your search on the private market see links on this link page.


Idealis is the student accommodation provider in Wageningen, Bennekom and Ede and owns 5,400 housing units. Wageningen University PhD candidates can also rent a room from Idealis.

Visit the Idealis website for the current procedure.

When is a PhD candidate eligible for housing offered by Idealis?
As a PhD student you are welcome to rent from Idealis if you are a:
- Research assistant with a PhD employment contract at Wageningen U&R - Sandwich PhD candidate from abroad
- Guest PhD candidate
- External PhD candidate with an employment contract at one of the other research institutes in Wageningen or Ede

If you are not registered in the PhD Candidates Information System (Hora Finita) then you unfortunately do not belong to the target group.

You can respond to the offers from Idealis via www.ROOM.nl. You must create a ROOM account to be able to do this. ROOM.nl is a national platform where rooms offered by professional corporations, including Idealis, are published and where you can respond to the offers.


- Priority arrangements exist for sandwich PhD candidates coming to the Netherlands for the first time. Please ask your promotor/ chair group for more information.
- Unfurnished rooms are literally unfurnished, i.e. no bed, desk, closet or curtains.