Required documents for PhD and EngD applications

Depending on the type (country of origin) of MSc diploma scans of the documents in the table below need to be sent to the graduate school.


    • All scans must be PDF files.
      (Only scans of official diplomas and grade lists.)
    • Number the documents, see table below.
    • Give all scans appropiate names like: number-type of document-yourname.PDF
    • Reduce the filesize of the scans if the complete set of scans exceeds 5 MB.
    • Documents must be legible and complete, otherwise the credential evaluation process will be delayed

    If you are not Dutch, from a non-Anglophone country and you have not completed your higher education with English as the language of instruction, you have to submit an internationally recognised Certificate of Proficiency in the English Language. See the English language requirements for more information.

    Type of MSc diploma
    Wageningen University 1-passport
    -diploma will be checked by PhD Services
    Dutch MSc from a NVAO 1-passport
    accredited university 2-MSc diploma
    Other MSc diploma in Dutch, English, 1-passport
    French, German, Spanish 2-BSc diploma
    or (South)African 3-BSc gradelist
    4-MSc diploma
    5-MSc gradelist
    Chinese 1-passport
    Undergraduate level: 本科程度
    2-Undergraduate diploma -本科毕业证书
    3-Bachelor degree certificate -学士学位证书
    4-Transcript of undergraduate program -本科成绩单
    5-notarial deed / official translation for 2, 3 and 4 -公证书 / 译文
    Graduate level (Master): 硕士程度
    6-Master diploma -研究生毕业证书
    7-Master degree certificate -硕士学位证书
    8-Transcript of Master program -研究生成绩单
    9-notarial deed / official translation for 6, 7 and 8 -公证书/ 译文
    All other 1-passport
    2-BSc diploma + official English translation
    3-BSc grades + official English translation
    4-MSc diploma + official English translation
    5-MSc grades + official English translation

    =>The scan of the passport can best be certified with the date, purpose and organization for which the scan is intended. This should not overlap with the text or photos on the scan.

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