Student information


MyPortal is the digital education portal for both students and lecturers.

Where can I find MyPortal: Users can login with their WUR-account. In the portal personalized information from different systems is summarized. All students and lecturers have access to their personal MyPortal page.

On MyPortal the user finds the following information:

• General and education news of Wageningen University;

• A list of the courses for which a student has registered;

• Messages from the lecturers;

• Links to sites with information about the courses;

• Achieved marks;

• The course schedule;

• A link to the Study Handbook with all BSc and MSc courses of Wageningen University;

• An overview with links to useful websites.

Further personalization of MyPortal

The information provided within MyPortal can be accessed via so-called web parts. Every user is given a standard MyPortal home page, set up with a few web parts (such as “Course Schedule” and Study Handbook”). Users are free to alter the page to their own requirements. The photo in the header, for example, can be replaced with a personal photo and users can add, move or remove pages and web parts as they wish.

MyPortal provides a wide range of standard web parts, including, Buienradar, Twitter and Facebook. New web parts will be added on a regular basis. For a general introduction trailer click here.