Student information

Opening a Bank account

In Wageningen and its surrounding cities you will find several bank shops where you can go to apply for a Dutch bank account.

Most of the Dutch bank shops will ask you for your BSN (Citizen service number) before opening a bank account. The municipality will provide you with this BSN as soon as you are registered as a citizen of Wageningen (this procedure may take a few weeks).

There are four main banks in the Netherlands, where international students tend to open a bank account: ABN AMRO, Bunq, ING and Rabobank. Unfortunately not all of them are in the English language.

The student accounts are offered under special conditions that fit the need of international students. It is recommended to check what is required by the specific bank in advance. In case of a proof of enrolment, you can download this yourself in Osiris.

Most banks ask for a monthly fee. The monthly fee is relatively low, from free up to around €4 per month. For more information you can check the table that can serve as a guideline for opening an account at one of these four banks.

We advise all international students to bring cash and/or a credit card for the first weeks of studying.

Bank overview
Age (years) BSN required? Dutch living address required? Take out Account activation Monthly fee
ABN AMRO 18-30 Yes Yes At branch on appointment. As of 1 August 2021 through ABN AMRO app Immediately Free
Bunq 18+ After 3 months An address within the EEA Online Immediately Only credit card fee
ING 16-29 Only if you have one. If not, use the TIN code of your homecountry No At branch on appointment Immediately Free
Rabobank 16-25 Yes No At branch on appointment 3-5 working days Free

Bank office addresses:
ABN AMRO: Stadsbrink 519, 6707 AT Wageningen
Bunq: Naritaweg 131, 1043 BS Amsterdam
Rabobank: Galvanistraat 2, 6716 AE Ede
ING: Molenstraat 142, 6711 AX Ede