Student information

Study Programme Approval

At least 6 months before graduation, all students should submit their (bachelor or master) study programme to the examination committee for approval. You should submit your study programme in SPA (Study Programme Approval).

Go to SSC-online and submit your study programme for approval.

The Secretary of the Examining Board involved receives this proposal via your study advisor in SPA (Study Programme Approval). The Examining Board decides whether or not to approve the examination programme.

The decision of the Examining Board is based on a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the individual programme. The assessment of the free choice (elective) component is limited to assuring the level of the individual interim examinations in relation to their mutual consistency.

Before the relevant Examining Board makes a well-reasoned decision to deny approval, the student is provided with an opportunity to explain his or her standpoint.

The relevant Examining Board decides within six weeks after receiving the request, or if this term expires during an academic holiday, within 14 days after the holiday. The Examining Board can postpone the decision for no more than 14 days. The student must be informed of the postponement before the expiration of the first (six-week) term cited above.

The student will be informed of the decision within eight weeks. If the relevant Examining Board has not decided in a timely fashion, or if the student has not been informed in a timely fashion of the decision, the individual set of examination courses is assumed to be approved.

The student needs to request a change in the examination courses that have already been presented for approval in time. This means: at least six weeks before the intended date of the examination.

You are strongly advised to submit the examination courses for approval before you take interim examinations in optional courses. If free choice (optional) courses that have already been taken are not approved, this is entirely at your own risk.