To arrange before departure to Wageningen (EU)

On this page we would like to provide you with information on what you need to do before your travel to the Netherlands.

Welcome to Wageningen

Once you have been accepted to Wageningen University you can start your preparations.

Arrange your travel plans with the help of the Welcome to Wageningen Travel information brochure. For more information about Wageningen check virtualtourist.com.

Arrival in Wageningen

All studies start in September, and several studies start in February. When you start in September, you are expected to arrive mid-August in order to settle in and to participate in the introductory programme prior to the start of the academic year. During this time, you also need to finalise all matters concerning registration. For the September start you need to be enrolled before 1 September. You will find the Registration form in the arrival package that you will receive a few weeks before your arrival by email.

Check the information about arrival in August or February and what to arrange upon arrival.


Student housing is organized in a special way at Wageningen University & Research. Idealis is the allocating authority for all international visitors with a room guarantee. For more information check the webpage about housing.

Annual Introduction Days

We strongly recommend that you attend the Annual Introduction Days which take place during the summer and in February (For the programmes starting in February). This introductory programme helps you get acquainted with Wageningen University buildings and to meet fellow students. Visit the website of the AID for more information.

The staff of the International Office of the Student Service Centre is looking forward to meeting you at Wageningen University & Research!