Wageningen is a university town with about 10000 students; quite an amount for a town with a population of less than 38000 inhabitants.

Wageningen University has several groups of international students. We understand that it is very hard to look for your own place in a different country. Below you can find information how to apply for a room.

Prospective students

Idealis (the main student housing corporation in Wageningen), is the allocating authority for all rooms of Idealis and Wageningen University together. Idealis provides prospective students with information about the application procedure. If you are a prospective student, please wait for Idealis to contact you by email. Idealis will contact you approximately two to three months before the start date of your programme  in Wageningen. You qualify for registration with Idealis if you are a student of Wageningen University or if you are a Phd candidate who will graduate at Wageningen University.

Application procedure

If you want to qualify for student housing through Idealis, you can register with Idealis after receiving their information about the application procedure. Registration with Idealis is free of charge. After registration, you can start to respond to the availabale housing offers on their website. If more than one person responds to a housing offer, the room will be offered to the person with the highest ranking. Ranking depends on the date of registration with Idealis and on, if applicable, your priority status. After acceptance of a room, you will be provided with information about key collection and the tenancy contract. 

Priority housing due to distance

If your current residential address is more than 130 kilometres* (As the crow flies) away from Wageningen Campus, you qualify for distance priority. When you register with Idealis, an automatic calculation will be made to see if you qualify. For more information on the distance priority regulation, please see the website of Idealis.

*This distance may be adjusted annually.

We hope you have a pleasant stay in Wageningen.