Welcome to Wageningen in August/February

In the last week of January the SCC will send you some information about things that you have to arrange when you are in Wageningen. This information contains some forms that you have to fill in and bring to the welcome day:

- Arrival form.

- Registration form.

- Municipality registration form.

Make sure you visit the Student Service Centre at the Forum Building* on one of the welcome days (see schedule below) for more information and to collect your welcome gift.

Welcome day(s) in Forum Building
Days Hours
Friday 08-02-2019 and Monday 11-02-2019 Between 10.00 - 12.00 hrs.
Wednesday 13-02-2019 and Friday 15-02-2019 Between 10.00 - 12.00 hrs.

You have to visit the following departments during the welcome days in FORUM Building:

1. International Office

The International Office of Wageningen University & Research is the department that arranged your entry visa and/or residence permit. At this department you need to submit your arrival form and collect the voucher of your welcome gift.

2. Enrolment

You need to complete and hand in the Registration form Academic year 2018/2019, that was sent to you by email. You need to hand in this form together with the required documents in order to enrol. If you have already sent the required documents by courier together with your visa documents, you only have to submit the registration form.

The deadline for enrolment as a student is February 15. We strongly advise all students to enroll as a student well on time. The sooner you are enrolled as a student, the sooner you will get your WUR account and sooner you will be able to register for courses.

3. Finance

Officers of the financial department will be present to answer your questions about Cash passport, Dutch bank account and insurance.

4. Infopoint

The employees of infopoint are our experts for practical information regarding your student life in Wageningen. They are in the Forum building.

Days Hours
Friday 08-02-2019 until Monday 18-02-2019 Between 09:00 - 16:00 hrs.

5. Municipality registration and appointment

All students staying in the Netherlands longer than 4 months have to register at the Municipality.

We hope you have a safe and pleasant journey and look forward to meeting you in Wageningen!

*Address: Student Service Centre, Droevendaalsesteeg 2 (Forum, building 102) in Wageningen (Travel Information)