Residence permit

What is a residence permit?
A residence permit allows a foreign national to stay in the Netherlands longer than three months and to re-enter the country during its validity.

It is issued for a specific purpose, in your case: study. Once your application is approved you receive a residence permit card. This is an official government document that proves you legally reside in the Netherlands.

Application Residence permit

The application for a residence permit (VVR) must be made via the International Office of the Student Service Centre (SSC), which will forward your application to the immigration authorities (IND).


Who issues the residence permit?

Residence permits are issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). However, in case of a student, only the university can apply for the permit. This means your only point of contact will be the International Office of Student Service Centre and never directly the IND.

Students are given residence permits for the duration of their studies. The residence permit states the purpose of stay, validity period and university. Should anything change in your situation, it affects your legal residence.

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What are the conditions for a residence permit?

International Office of Wageningen University will start the entry visa/residence permit application as soon as:

1. You are unconditionally accepted at Wageningen University, your visa and/or residence permit application will be started only after receipt of either your BSc Degree or the official statement of graduation from your school.

2. You have paid the invoice that Wageningen University sends you.*

3. We have received your Nuffic certificate (only relevant for Chinese students).**

It is NOT possible to apply for your entry visa/residence permit yourself!

*Extra information: Wageningen University is obliged to prove to the Immigration Authorities that the students will have adequate financial resources. For that reason all students who require a residence permit need to transfer the living allowance to the bank account of Wageningen University. Wageningen University will administer the funds during the study and refund the living allowance on a monthly basis.

Important information for Chinese students:

**All Chinese students must register with Nuffic for a ‘Nuffic Certificate’ before their visa/residence permit application can be submitted. This includes taking an IELTS or TOEFL test. For more information see: