To arrange in Wageningen (non EU)

for students outside EU / EFTA

Students starting their study in September/February are expected to arrive (Travel information) mid-August/mid-February to enable them to settle in and follow the introduction programme prior to the start of the academic year. From experience we know how important it is to get settled in a new environment, that all matters concerning enrolment as a student are arranged, so that students can start their programme at Wageningen University without any disruptions.

Welcome Days

You will receive an enrolment package upon arrival in Wageningen. The enrolment package contains information concerning the enrolment as a student at Wageningen University. Master students cannot pre-enrol via Studielink. Only when all enrolment requirements have been met can you be enrolled as a student at Wageningen University. For more information about the Welcome Days click here.

Enrol as a student: You need to enrol as a student at Wageningen University in person at the Forum building after your arrival in Wageningen. Only when all requirements have been met can you be enrolled as a student at Wageningen University. After enrolment as a student you will receive a proof of enrolment and a username and password for the University network enabling you to register for subjects and examinations.

ALL students who wish to enrol need to bring and submit CERTIFIED TRANSLATED COPIES of their bachelor degree and academic records.


September: August 31.

February: February 16. 

Annual Introduction Days

Please consider attending the AID (Annual Introduction Days) at the beginning of the study year or in Winter. The AID is highly recommended for all new students. During the introduction programme you can acquaint yourself with Wageningen, your fellow students and the university. >> Go to the website of AID.