Certificate of Enrolment

Certificate of Enrolment and Proof of Enrolment

When all the registration requirements have been fulfilled and your request for registration has been processed by the Student Service Centre (SSC) you will receive a letter containing two certificates of enrolment and a proof of enrolment. This letter will be sent to your address as known by the SSC in their administration. In this letter is mentioned when and where to collect your WUR card.

  • The certificates of enrolment can be used for the benefit of organisations requesting proof of enrolment, for example the tax office or an insurance company.
  • The certificates of enrolment show your personal details, study details and the period of registration. The proof of enrolment is issued every year.
  • The proof of enrolment is, together with the WUR card, your student card. The proof of enrolment is only valid in combination with your WUR card.
WUR card for students
The WUR card is an organisation card on which your personal data, your photo and your rights within the organisation are stored.
The WUR card has the following functions:
  • Identification as a student of Wageningen University (only in combination with a valid Proof of Enrolment),
  • Library card, to borrow books from the University Libraries,
  • Identification for entrance to WU non-public buildings (if applicable)
  • Identification for entrance to the sport facilities of the University Sport Centre ‘de Bongerd’ (only if the required contribution has been paid)
The WUR card is issued to all students once-only and can be used during registration as a student. The WUR card for students is only valid in combination with a valid proof of enrolment.

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