SG - Preparing the Ground for a Posthuman University

This evening we prepare in three workshops questions for our evening with Rosi Braidotti on October 12. You can choose which workshop you want to participate in, let us know your choice with the seat registration.

Organised by Studium Generale

Tue 5 October 2021 20:00

Venue Impulse, building number 115

About Preparing the Ground for a Posthuman University

How to envision a university of life sciences in an age that seeks to deal with extinction, climate change, corporate capitalism and neoliberal management? What promises do science and technology hold when we no longer assume one directional progress and development? What could Wageningen University be if we realize the interdependencies and reimagine solidarities across human and nonhuman beings?

Who is the “Human” in the Post-Human?

Some scholars have argued that we have always been post-human. Human life would have not been possible without our close entanglement with plants, animals and machines. This workshop will look at how in rethinking post-human as establishing non-anthropocentric relationship with nature and machines, we also need to redefine what it means to be a human as embodied and cognitive entity. This workshop will deliberate on how redefining the human in post-human can help to produce different forms of knowledge and a different relationship with the life world.

Workshop moderator: Esha Shah, Scholarly Teacher with the Water Resources Management Group.

U&I: Reflecting on the University's Relationship to Private Companies

The relationship between university and private companies is nothing short of a complex web. In preparing the ground for a post-human university, this relationship must be addressed. What would someone who is critical about the university's relationship to private companies need to ask? In this workshop, we dive into the TheoryU process to openly reflect on the university's relationship to private companies from multiple perspectives and collectively identify what will be needed in the future of the university. 

This workshop will be moderated by the members of Otherwise, a platform that stimulates critical engagement by questioning the status quo and exploring alternative pathways towards a more environmentally and socially just world.

Creative approaches to re-enchant science

We invite you to join us in our exploration of shifting ground and excavation of myths, morals and metaphors. We will 'dig into' soils and composting to illustrate how creative approaches might help re-enchant sciences and explore inner and outer landscapes. We will facilitate you in finding different ways of paying attention, of expressing those things which we cannot (yet) know and giving them a place within our university, in order to jointly carve out space for what is more-than-human and discover new questions as we go. The Scottish poet Kathleen Jamie suggests that creative work develops through 'the care and maintenance of our web of noticing, the paying heed’ and we advocate this as a way of preparing our own ‘ground’.

Kate Foster is an environmental artist who trained in Scotland and now also works in the Wageningen area. Artist website / project website.

Dienke Stomph is a socio-ecologist and works at the Cultural Geography group and WANDER.

About series ‘The Posthuman Future of Wageningen University: Rethinking the Value of Life’

Several simultaneous developments force us to reconsider our place as humans in nature, on this globe and in this world. The anthropocentric outlook, in which we see humans as central to knowing and transforming the world, seems more and more a recipe for disaster. The globally influential philosopher Rosi Braidotti has for many years theorized a posthuman future. But what does such a posthuman vision involve? And what would it mean for an academic organisation like Wageningen University to learn from such a stance?

This series is organised in collaboration with the Cultural Geography (GEO) chair group of Wageningen University & Research.

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