SG - The Future of Platformisation

Tonight, we elaborate possible future directions of the platform economy; where will it take us? And what could be the role of platform cooperatives in this?

Organised by Studium Generale

Tue 13 April 2021 20:00 to 22:00

Venue Online

The Future of Platformisation

In this final lecture, we envision possible future directions of the platform economy; where will it take us? The platform economy is rapidly growing across sectors, transforming society in diverse ways. What challenges and opportunities come with this platformisation? And to what extent can we shape its manifestations and outcomes?

According to Jovana Karanovic the platform economy is not given, but created, and hence depending on the choices we make as a society. Focusing on platform cooperatives as a unique organization form, she reasons that it is possible to reimagine the platform economy, steering it in such a way that it aligns better with public goals. What makes platform cooperatives such as Fairbnb and Partago different from mainstream platform organizations, and what are the implications of their distinct operating logic? Join this exploration on how we can harness the positive potential of the platform economy and mitigate its risks.

About Jovana Karanovic

Jovana Karanovic
Jovana Karanovic

Jovana Karanovic is Assistant Professor at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. She conducted her PhD research at the KIN Center for Digital Innovation, VU University Amsterdam. Her research focuses on digital innovations in general, and specifically on the platform economy and the future of work. She examines the new organizational forms in the platform economy, the impact on the labour market and the potential of the platform economy to achieve sustainable solutions.

Jovana is also the founder and director of Reshaping Work. This global initiative brings the international community together to discuss various digital innovation topics, including platform economy and artificial intelligence. Jovana is also an RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) fellow. She is a frequent speaker at events, and spoke at TEDx Amsterdam about ‘The Side of the Platform Economy You Haven’t Seen’.

About lecture series The Platform Economy

Did you ever order food via Deliveroo, book an accommodation through Airbnb, arrange your transport via Uber, or order a present on Bol.com? You are probably familiar with the platform economy, even if you don’t realize it. Online platforms facilitating the exchange of services and goods have been on the rise over the last years, and currently experience a further impetus in the context of the corona crisis.

The emergence of the platform economy has originally been heralded as a way to contribute to all kinds of favourable outcomes, ranging from economic development and innovation, to emancipation, equality and sustainability. But where do we stand now, and where will it take us? This series explores the societal implications of the platform economy, by analysing the developments and challenges so far, and forecasting and discussing future directions this phenomenon might take. What kind of effects have been hypothesized, and to what extent have they crystallized in practice? Has the platform economy proved to be system changing, or rather a digitalization and even strengthening of the status quo? To what degree can it live up to its promises, and what are decisive factors in this?