More about the Certificate Programme

The Studium Generale Certificate programme is open to all students of Wageningen University & Research who are keen to develop themselves beyond their niche expertise. It can be of special interest to you if you wish to broaden your knowledge, demonstrate active interest in the world around you, and are motivated to practice critical thinking and reflection.

When I reflect on the entire certificate trajectory, I can only be positive. I have gained a lot of insight into various subjects and my general knowledge has expanded considerably. I have thought about subjects that I would never normally think about, and I often took them home. This often led to great conversations with friends, family and housemates.

By participating in the Certificate Programme, you expand your horizon and develop your competences in the fields of listening, reflection, reasoning, summarizing and writing. In your reflection report, you synthesize the key ideas featured in the activity – usually a lecture – and distinguish between opinion and defended arguments presented by any given speaker. In addition, while writing, you reflect on the activity. You establish links between your own frames of reference, experiences, norms, values and the information or insights presented. You practice reflecting on science, society and yourself while you develop a deeper understanding of your own thinking.

The certificate will be awarded if you:

  • attend at least 25 Studium Generale activities
  • write a reflection report on every activity you attend
  • complete two personalized reflection assignments
  • participate in the periodic Certificate Programme meetings regurlarly organized for certificate students (participation in at least 3 sessions on different themes)
  • complete the programme within two years and in line with the guidelines in the Certificate Programme Student Guide

Would you like to develop yourself in the Certificate Programme and earn a certificate? If so, send an e-mail to Studium Generale, in which you make clear what motivates you to participate in the programme. In response, we will invite you for an interview. Together, the e-mail and interview must show:

  • your interests and (study) background
  • why you are eager to participate in the Certificate Programme
  • why you think yourself are capable of sustaining the effort this programme requires

You can start the Certificate Programme at any time. In consultation, your
participation in the trajectory can be suspended for a certain period, for
example in case of an internship or thesis research outside of Wageningen. If you have any questions about the Certificate Programme, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail.