Studium Generale certificate

The certificate programme enables you to get more out of Studium Generale. On this programme, you attend 30 SG activities and about each one you write a report no longer than one-and-a-half pages. You'll receive feedback on your reports from a member of the Studium Generale staff. At regular lunchtime gatherings you'll have the chance to meet other certificate students. Finally, you will receive a certificate signed by the Rector Magnificus; written proof of your broad development.

Would you like to earn one of these certificates? If so, send an email to Studium Generale, stating your reasons. In response, we will invite you for an interview. Together, the email and interview must show:

  • that you are keen to develop your academic ability, which involves things like learning to reflect and reason and developing your sense of (global) citizenship
  • that you are interested in a wide range of current affairs
  • the subjects you find the most interesting
  • why you think yourself capable of sustaining the additional effort this programme requires

In addition, you must be prepared to talk about your experience of the programme with students and staff, and to get other students enthusiastic about it.

The certificate will be awarded provided you:

  • attend at least 30 lectures, debates and/or workshops
  • write a report of every activity you attend
  • participate in the periodic evaluation interviews attended by the staff of Studium Generale and all certificate students

The certificate programme is open to students of Wageningen UR.