More about the certificate

The Studium Generale Certificate programme is open to all students who are keen to develop themselves beyond their niche expertise. It can be of special interest to students who wish to broaden their academic horizons and demonstrate active interest in the world around them.

The Certificate programme entails that students attend 30 SG lectures and write reports on each attended event within a 2 year period. It is possible to begin at any time and the programme can be suspended during the two year period should a student have a practical period or commitments outside Wageningen. Each individually unique certificate is signed by the Rector Magnificus.

During the report writing process students practice their writing skills. They synthesize the key ideas featured in the lecture and distinguish between opinion and defended arguments presented by any given speaker. A certificate student establishes links between his/ her own frames of reference, experiences, norms, values and the information or new insights presented. Students practice opinion forming as they explore critical reflection on science, society and personal spheres. They receive feedback on their reports from the coordinating SG team member responsible for any given programme. SG strives to hold certificate meetings with all students in the trajectory at least 4 times per year so that the students in question can exchange amongst each other on the writing process and strengthen their network with others active in the programme.

A motivation letter must be submitted by the student and intake interview will be held prior to the commencement of this programme.