Registration as a student

You still have to register at our university and you have to do this yourself. The Registration Form Guest Student will be sent to you in a separate email. You will receive this e-mail as soon as these documents are available.

Please follow the instructions and return the filled in form as soon as possible to the Student Service Centre (SSC). E-mail SSC is After sending the registration form to SSC you will be informed about further procedures by them.

If you have sent in the Registration Form Guest Student, you have to collect your Proof of Enrolment at the office of your exchange coordinator upon arrival in Wageningen. Depending on your study field, choose the right Exchange coordinator to contact.Your Proof of Enrolment is an important document and valid only in combination with a WUR card.

If you did not send in the Registration Form Guest Student beforehand, the registration procedure and access to facilities will be delayed seriously. You will need to visit the Student Service Centre immediately upon arrival in order to register with them in person (hand in your registration form and a copy of your passport/ID-card). SSC will inform you about the further procedure. Check this website for more information.