Internship after graduation

On this page you can find more information about internship after graduation. Within Erasmus+ program there is the possibility for students to do an internship in one of the Erasmus+ countries within one year after graduation.


  • You need to apply for the Erasmus+ grant during the last academic year, when you are still registered at the university and also before you graduate.

  • The end date of the internship must fall within the year after graduation

  • The student is not obliged to return to the Netherlands but can stay in the host country

  • If you have already been on exchange, have a good look to our Requirements. Students cannot exceed the maximum allowed amount of months per degree program to go abroad (maximum 12 months per BSc, MSc or PhD)

How do I apply for the Erasmus+ grant?

To apply for Erasmus+ grant after graduation, you can find the forms here.

Where can I find an internship for after graduation?

Unfortunately we cannot help you with arranging an internship or thesis. Sometimes we receive internship offers from our partners. These internships offers we will post on our Facebook page. To find an internship you could contact the following persons or organisations for more information about internships abroad: