Erasmus+ grants for study within a non-EU partner university

Wageningen University offers Erasmus+ grants to WU students who are going to do a study exchange in a non-EU partner university.

The information on this page applies for Erasmus+ grant options outside the EU.

For Erasmus+ grants for countries within EU click here.

General requirements

Check this list to see if you can apply for the scholarship

  • You have to be registered as a full time student at Wageningen University during your study exchange abroad.
  • You will not use the scholarship for expenses that are already covered by another scholarship by the EU.
  • You will not apply for other EU scholarships during your exchange period.
  • There is no travel allowance available for destinations outside the EU.
  • You have to undertake a language assessment both before and at the end of the mobility period in order to monitor progress in language competences. The language assessment for non-EU partner universities is available in English and Spanish.


  • Send all your Erasmus+ grant documents before the deadlines:

- Semester 1: June 1st

- Semester 2: November 1st


  • All nationalities

Level of study

  • Bachelor
  • Master

Erasmus+ grant amount for non-EU destinations

  • The grant for study to Erasmus+ partner countries is

    • 2100 Euro for students who go abroad for more than 3 months, and
    • 1400 Euro for students who go abroad between 2 and 3 months (2 months is the minimum period); There is no additional grant for longer periods or extensions.
  • Students who receive a Holland Scholarship will receive a maximum Erasmus+ grant of 1400 Euro.
  • The grant will be paid in two times, approximately 70% (if you handed in all documents needed before departure) at the start of your mobility period and 30% (after you handed in all forms after your return).
  • In one cycle (BSc and MSc) you can get an Erasmus+ grant for a maximum of 12 months, so 24 months in total. You may combine study exchange with internship abroad EU & non EU.

Application Erasmus+ grant

Upon return your study exchange

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