Travel Allowance WUR

Wageningen University provides travel costs compensation to students who go on study exchange or do an internship/thesis in the EU.

Note: Even if you receive no grant from Erasmus+ or are on the waiting list, you can still receive a travel costs compensation.

Erasmus+ grant

The travel compensation is provided together with the first payment (70%) of the Erasmus+ Grant.

Zero-grant or waiting list Erasmus+

You have to hand in all the compulsorary forms for the Erasmus+ grant application (study & internship/thesis) to receive the travel costs compensation.

You will receive the travel compensation after your return when you handed in the compulsorary document upon return (study & internship/thesis)

Travel compensation 2017-2018
Country Amount
Austria €200
Belgium €50
Germany €130
Denmark €150
Spain €200
France €150
Greece €300
Italy €200
Cyprus €300
Ireland €200
Iceland €430
Luxembourg €150
Norway €350
Portugal €300
Sweden €200
Finland €250
United Kingdom €200
Poland €200
Hungary €300
Turkey €250
Czech Republic €200
Croatia €200
Estonia €100
Lithuania €300
Romania €300
Malta €200
Slovenia €300
Slovakia €200

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