Requirements study exchange

To participate in an exchange program for study and to apply for Erasmus+ grant you need to fulfill the requirements mentioned on this page.

  • You are registered as a full-time student at Wageningen University (nationality is not of influence!).
  • You have obtained a minimum of 60 ECTS at the moment you apply for study exchange (this applies only for BSc students, not MSc students).
  • You have successfully passed all first year courses of your BSc before the start of your exchange. If you have not passed your first year BSc courses before the application deadline (Febr. 1st) you can still apply, but you will get a lower priority during the selection. You need to pass the examinations before the start of your exchange period, otherwise your exchange will be cancelled (keep in mind that any potential costs you might have are at your own expense). You preferably obtained 120 ECTS before you go on exchange.

Additional requirement for exchange outside EU

  • Grade point average (GPA) minimum 7.0.