Step 3: How to apply for an exchange period?

As many students want to go on exchange and we have limited places available, we have a selection round in February for the next academic year (for exchange during the 1st semester and also for exchange during the 2nd semester).

  • If you decide to apply for selection, make sure that we have received all 4 documents before the deadline. Incorrect or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applications that are received after the deadline will not be considered. We will not make any exceptions.
  • Please put in the subject the following text: Application study exchange [name student].

    Please e-mail the following documents (in English) to by latest February 1st 23:59:
  • Study Abroad application form with definite choice (in Excel format) Application form_2021-2022
  • Motivation letter for your first choice university (in PDF format), we don't accept the motivation form from 2019-2020. It must be a letter.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Scan of Transcript of Records (to be issued at the SSC desk, in Forum). Include your BSc and MSc if applicable and ask for a GPA on your Transcript. A print screen from SSC is not enough!
  • Results English Language test (optional) 

All the applications will be considered once the deadline has closed. We advise you to hand in the documents in January.

Students will be informed about the selection results around the 1st of March. We try to select students based on their first choice. The 2nd and 3rd choice places will also be taken into consideration. In some cases it may not be possible to be selected for any of your chosen universities. In that case we will consult with you and will try to find a suitable alternative. 

If you applied for semester 2 (from January-February till June), your study progress has to be proved before nomination in autumn.


Important note: Please strongly consider your application. It is very unfortunate if you are selected and decide not to go without a strong reason. It often means other people cannot go to the place you were selected for.

During the selection round not all places are allocated. Depending on the nomination/application deadline of the partner, you can apply anytime on the spots which are still free.

Please contact the exchange coordinators for more information.