Study Exchange

Are you thinking of spending part of your study programme at another university abroad? Then make sure to participate in Wageningen University’s student exchange programme! By making use of WUR’s exchange partner universities network you don’t have to pay extra tuition fees besides the annual tuition fees to the WUR. You can study up to 1 year at one of our student exchange partner universities. The courses that you follow at the other university are transferred into your study programme, this way you can follow your optional courses abroad without having a study delay.

The amount of students that we can send to a partner university differs per agreement, for this reason we have a selection procedure to allocate the available places to the students that wish to study abroad.

For more information about organizing your exchange go to: 'Organizing your exchange period step by step'

For information about the Erasmus+ grant you can check below the 'Erasmus+ grant application'.

Where do you want to go on study exchange?

To an Erasmus+ country:


What is the difference between an Erasmus+ country and a non-Erasmus+ country? If you go on study exchange to an Erasmus+ country, it is possible to apply for Erasmus+ Grant (financial support). Study Abroad Office does not provide Erasmus+ grants for non-Erasmus+ countries.

To a non-Erasmus+ country:

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It is only possible to go to a non-EU country if your GPA is 7.0 or higher.