Partner universities outside EU (non-Erasmus+)

Wageningen University has contracts with various international universities to promote the exchange of students. You can explore the opportunities with the links on this page.

Information and application

If you want to apply, or if you would like to get specific information, please contact one of the exchange coordinators. They will also assist in contacting universities outside Europe. In most bilateral agreements the partner university will not charge tuition fees.

The available places for exchange outside Europe are limited. A pre-selection is held before nomination at the host university. For more information about the selection procedure, see step 6 at the 'preparation'-page. Please consider the conditions for exchange.

Partner universities

Wageningen University has exchange contracts with the following universities:

Europe - Non EU


Erasmus Mundus scholarships are available to go to different universities in Russia, for more information contact


Information about the Swiss-European Mobility Programme and the grant can be found on


Please note that the costs of exchange outside EU are in general more expensive than exchange in the Erasmus+ programme in the EU.

The Erasmus+ grant is NOT available for exchange outside EU and our office cannot support you financially.

If you are looking for funding for your study abroad period outside of the EU, the following links might be useful to you: