Partner universities

Below is an overview of the universities that have an inter-institutional agreement with Wageningen University and Research, both Erasmus+ and non-European. Moreover, a list of possible courses if provided to simplify your decision making process.

Information for OUTGOING WUR students:

  • To get insight in the possibilities per studyfield and to get an idea about the popularity, use the Excel you can download at the button 'Study exchange partner universities'. Use this Excel file to choose your university. This information is updated regularly. A √ means we have an agreement for your study program. Green means there is a big chance you can go to this university. Orange means you have a lot of competition (so if you have high grades your chances to get in are higher)
  • To see which exchange spots are left for 2018-2019 after the selection of 1st February, please contact your exchange coordinator.
  • To get more information about the partner universities and the extra requirements for non-Erasmus+ partners, please select the country of preference in the following list:
  • To get an idea of possible courses, you can browse through the overview of courses which are followed by exchange students in the previous years. This is to give you an idea, there are many more possibilities. Download the file at the button below.