Student Experiences

On this page you can find the Veste enquetes with information of students who went abroad for and exchange period and you can find the blogs of students who post their experiences on Instagram and Facebook.

Veste enquete

After return from exchange students are asked to fill out a survey which Veste made together with the Wageningen Exchange Team.

You can read about the experiences of several WU students who went on exchange all over the world, for inspiration or preparing you stay abroad. Check out the VesteGoesAbroad interactive map to read the surveys:

Instagram & Facebook

You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get inspired by other student experiences.

Florine Kremer

Exchange to Vancouver, Canada
MSc Management, Economics and Consumer Studies

Leonie Braks

Exchange to BOKU, Vienna (Austria)
BSc Molecular Lifesciences

Vera Sham
Internship at John Innes Centre (UK)
MSc Plant Sciences

Lisa Nguyen
Exchange to Prague
BSc Management and Consumer Science

Ilsa Philips
Exchange Almeria
BSc International Land and Water Management