Upon return Erasmus+ students

When you are a participant of the Erasmus+ program for study, you also have to hand in some forms after your arrival back in the Netherlands.

If your stay exceeds more than 5 days in duration compared to the original duration mentioned on your signed grant agreement, you need to file for an extension period. Please inform us at least one month before the end of your original end date (please contact your exchange coordinator for more information).      

Please send the following forms to erasmus.studentexchange@wur.nl We do not accept hand written documents, only typed.

1.Statement receiving institution

Statement Receiving Institution 2018-2019

If your exchange period exceeds 6 days or more than mentioned in your Grant Agreement, you need to ask for extension at your 
exchange coordinator (at least one month before the initial return date).

Otherwise we cannot grant you for the extra days.

- Please name the document when sending in: SRI [Last name]

2. Original transcript of records

Do not forget to ask your host institution for a Transcript of Records before you return to the Netherlands. The courses on the Transcript of Records have to correspond with those of the ‘Learning Agreement’.

The original transcript has to be handed in as soon as it is available and has to be dated, signed and stamped. Our office is located at the Forum building, SSC offices, Study Abroad Office, room 57D.

We cannot accept a digital transcript, unless it contains a digital verification code from the university, or send directly from your receiving institution to us.

3. Changed Learning Agreement

In case your courses have changed during your exchange you have to hand in a Changed Learning Agreement (CLA). You can find this “During Mobility Agreement” as part of the Learning Agreement (LA). All courses that have changed need to be listed, mark courses you didn’t follow (in comparison to your original LA) as “deleted” and mark courses you followed extra (in comparison to your original LA) as “added”. Eventually your Academic Recognition Form, Transcript of Records and LA (supplemented with a CLA in case you need one) need to match.

And yes, the CLA needs to be signed by all 3 parties again:

by you, your host exchange coordinator and your home exchange coordinator.

- Please name the document when sending in: CLA [Last name]

4. Academic Recognition Form

The courses need to be the same in the (changed) Learning Agreement.

- Please name the document when sending in: ARF [Last name]
- Please send the document in Word.

5. Student report

You must fill in a questionnaire to provide feedback on your Erasmus Mobility period. You will receive this questionnaire from the EU as an online form in your mailbox after your exchange period.

6. OLS (Online Linguistic Support)

After your exchange period you have to complete the second language test. You will receive the link via e-mail.After your exchange period you have to complete the second language test. You will receive the link via e-mail.

7. WURgoesabroad questionnaire

Fill in the questionnaire to inspire other students to go on study exchange and help them with preparing their study abroad. The questionnaires will be shared on www.wurgoesabroad.wur.nl

What happens when you handed in all the compulsorary documents?

Make sure that the courses you will follow abroad are inserted into your SPA (Study Programme Approval) via SSC-online, entered by submit and approved by your study advisor online.

Your grades will be entered in your Study Program Approval (SPA) by SSC. Visit the page of the Examining Boards for more information on conversion of external credits and grades. It will take 2-3 weeks till your grades are in SPA.

You will receive information about the second grant payment after you have hande in all the documents.