Available courses WURth-while

The courses on this page are open for WURth-while students. New courses will be added to the list when new teachers join the project.
WURth-while courses are free of charge.

Expanation of the course codes, including the level of the course

Every course has a code (AAA 1 02 03).

  • The three-letter code (AAA) refers the English name of the chair group responsible for the course.
  • The first figure (1) indicates the type or level of the course: 1=introductory, 2=continuing, 3=in depth, 5=capita selecta.
  • The second and third figures (02) are the sequence numbers of the course in the series (AAA).
  • The last two figures (03) indicate the number of credits assigned to the course in ECTS (1 ECTS=28 hours).

When do the courses run?

The WUR academic year has 6 course periods. You can do one course per period. For details, see Calendar Academic Year.

Course periods in academic year 2017-2018
Period When
1 4 September - 20 October 2017
2 30 October - 22 December 2017
3 8 January - 2 Februay 2018
4 19 February - 16 March 2018
5 19 March - 11 April 2018
6 14 May - 6 July 2018
Course periods in academic year 2018-2019
1 3 September - 26 October 2018
2 2 9 October - 21 December 2018
3 7 January - 1 February 2019
4 18 February - 15 March 2019
5 18 March - 10 May 2019
6 13 May - 5 July 2019

Please check the course period of the course you want to apply for, and keep in mind that the course admission procedure takes some time, so please apply at least 6 weeks in advance of the start of the course.

    Available courses

    Please check the links to learn more about the content of the courses.

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    Agrotechnology and Food Sciences Courses
    Course code Course title Period Language of instruction
    ETE-10806 Introduction Environmental Technology (without practicals) 1 English
    ETE-21306 Water Treatment 1 English
    ETE-22806 Principles of Urban Environmental Management 1 English
    ETE-24304 Treatment of (Micro)Pollutants in Soil and Water Systems 2 English
    ETE-24804 Fundamentals of Environmental Technology 2 English
    ETE-25306 Basic Technologies for Urban Environmental Management 2 English
    FCH-11806 Basics in Food Technology (for students without knowledge of Food Science) 1, 5 English
    HNE-26806 Introduction to Nutrition and Health in Developing Countries 1 English
    HNE-30506 Principles of Sensory Science 1 English
    HNE-39806 Hidden Hunger: Micronutrient Deficiencies in Developing Countries 5 English
    HNE-51306 Nutritional Neurosciences 3 English
    MIB-30806 Applied Molecular Microbiology 2 English
    MIB-31306 Microbial Ecology 1 English
    TOX-20303 General Toxicology 1 English
    TOX-30306 Food Toxicology 4 English
    TOX-30806 Environmental Toxicology 5 English
    TOX-31306 Environmental Risk Assessment of Chemicals 6 English

    Animal Sciences Courses
    Course code Course title Period Language of instruction
    ABG-20306 Animal Breeding and Genetics 1 English
    ABG-30806 Modern Statistics for the Life Sciences 5 English
    ABG-31306 Genetic Improvement of Livestock 2 English
    ANU-20306 Principles of Animal Nutrition 3 English
    ANU-30306 Nutrient Dynamics 5 English
    ANU-30806 Animal Nutrition and Physiology 4 English
    CBI-20306 Cell Biology and Health 3, 5 English
    CBI-30306 Human and Veterinary Immunology 1 English
    EZO-22306 Concepts and Approaches in Developmental Biology 5 Dutch & English
    EZO-23306 Modelling Biological Systems 2 Dutch & English
    YAS-10806 Biology of Domestic Animals 4 Dutch & English

    Environmental Sciences Courses
    Course Code Course title Period Language of instruction
    ESA-20506 Introduction to Environmental Systems Analysis 2 English
    ESA-20806 Principles of Environmental Sciences 1, 4 English
    ESA-22806 Environmental Systems Analysis: Methods and Applications 2 English
    ESA-23306 Introduction to Global Change 1 English
    ESA-31306 Integrated Ecosystem Assessment in Regional Management (after ESA 22806) 5 English
    ESA-31806 Environmental Assessments for Pollution Management (after ESA 22806) 3 English
    GEO-31306 Leisure, Tourism and Globalization 5 English
    GEO-37306 Global Landscapes and Place-Making 2 English
    GRS-10306 Introduction Geo-information Science 1, 2, 3, 4 English
    HWM-10303 Water 1 (Introduction hydrology, 1st year course) 2, 3 Dutch
    HWM-32806 Catchment Hydrology (Does contain excursion but can be excluded) 5 English
    MAQ-21806 Meteorology and Climate (Second year BSc course) 3 Dutch and/or English
    MAQ-22806 Atmosphere-Vegetation-Soil Interactions 5 Dutch and/or English
    MAQ-32306 Boundary-layer Processes 2 English
    REG-20306 Climate Change Ecology 5 English
    REG-20803 Applied Animal Ecology 2 English
    REG-33306 Disease Ecology 6 English
    SGL-23806 Fundamentals of Landscape (Does contain day trips) 4 English
    SLM-30806 Land Degradation & Development 2 English
    SOQ-31806 Nutrient Management 5 English
    WRM-10306 Irrigation and Water Management 1 English
    WRM-34306 Water System Design for Water Use from Multiple Sources 2 English
    WSG-51306 Adaptation to Climate Change 3 Dutch and/or English

    Plant Sciences Courses
    Course Code Course title Period Language of instruction
    CSA-20806 Population and Systems Ecology 4 English
    GEN-11306 Evolution and Systematics 4 Dutch
    GEN-11806 Fundamentals of Genetics and Molecular Biology 3 Dutch & English
    GEN-20306 Molecular and Evolutionary Ecology 5 English
    MAT-14303 Basic Statistics 1 English
    MAT-20306 Advanced Statistics 1, 2, 5, 6 English
    NEM-21306 Ecophysiology 1 Dutch
    NEM-52306 Concepts and Theories of Healthy Aging 1 English
    PEN-20503 Ecology II 1, 6 Dutch
    PBR-22303 Plant Breeding 1, 4 English
    PHP-21303 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology and Entomology 1 English

    Scocial Sciences Courses
    Course Code Course title Period Language of instruction
    CPT-11806 Technology, Development and Natural Resources 5 Dutch
    CPT-12306 Introduction to Strategic Communication 1 Dutch
    CPT-23306 Communication & Persuasion 2 English
    CPT-35806 Intercultural Communication 4 English
    ECS-65600 Scientific Writing Skills 1,2,3,5,6 English
    ENP-20806 Environmental Management and Industry 1 English
    ENP-22803 Theories and Themes: Sociology 3 Dutch and/or English
    ENP-24803 Social-Scientific Analysis of Environmental Issues 5 English
    ENP-31806 Globalization and Sustainability of Food Production and Consumption 4 English
    ENP-33306 Environment and Development 5 English
    ENP-35806 Environmental Quality and Governance 2, 5 English
    ENP-36306 Climate Governance 5 English
    ENR-21306 Environmental Economics for Environmental Sciences 2, 5 English
    HSO-10306 Global Health 5 partly English, partly Dutch
    HSO-20306 Environmental Assets for Health 2 Dutch
    HSO-30806 Settings for Health Promotion 5 English
    HSO-31806 Advances in Health and Society 2 English
    LAW-22306 Global and EU Environmental Law & Policy 3 English
    LAW-30806 Food Law 2 English
    LAW-31806 Global Economic (Trade) Law and Risk Regulation 5 English
    LAW-32806 Food Law, Management and Economics 2 English
    LAW-55306 Food, Nutrition and Human Rights 2 English
    MCB-20806 Principles of Consumer Studies 1 English
    MST-23406 New Venture Creation: from Idea to Business Plan 5 English
    MST-24306 Management and Marketing 2 English
    MST-24806 Supply Chain Management 2 English
    MST-33806 Circular Economy: Theory and Practice 2 English
    MST-51306 Economics of Science and Technology 3 English
    MST-55306 Principles of Entrepreneurship 1 English
    RSO-21306 Policy, People and Resources in Comparative Perspective 5 English
    RSO-22306 Food Culture and Customs 2 English
    RSO-33306 Food, Health and Society: An Integrated Socio-Political Perspective 3 English
    RSO-34306 Theorizing Development: Implications for Research 2 English
    SDC-10306 Law, Policy and Governance 3 Dutch
    SDC-21804 Introduction to the Sociology of Development, Knowledge and Change 1 English
    SDC-22806 Natural Resource Governance in a Complex World 5 English
    SDC-23306 Law and Public Power 1, 5 English
    SDC-30306 Sociological and Anthropological Perspectives on Development 1, 5 English
    SDC-30806 Political Ecologies of Natural Resource Distribution 5 English
    SDC-31306 Property Rights, Natural Resources and Conflict 5 English
    SDC-32306 Anthropology and Development 2, 5 English
    SDC-32806 Sociology in Development: Towards a Critical Perspective 3 English
    SDC-33306 Methodology for Field Research in the Social Sciences 6 English
    SDC-33806 Policy, Projects and Programs for Development 2 English
    SDC-34306 Studying Crisis: Conflict, Disaster and the Social 5 English
    SDC-34806 Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction 1 English
    SDC-35306 Natural Hazards and Disasters 5 English
    SDC-35806 Politics of Development: State, Property and Resistance 5 English
    SDC-36306 Perspectives and Themes in International Development Studies 1 English
    SDC-51306 Fieldwork in conflict and post-conflict settings English
    SDC-51806 Food Crises: the Big Picture 1 English
    SDC-52306 Urban Disaster Governance 6 English
    Other Courses (outside the WURth-while programme; available to anyone interested)
    Course type Course title Period Language Application
    Online course MOOC: Co-Creating Sustainable Cities 10 Oct - 5 Dec 2017 English You can apply on the course website