JU-WUR Future Food Cloud Series Forum

Published on
May 27, 2020

From 28 May on each week, for six weeks a free webinar will be given as a part of the Future Food Cloud Series. The webinars will be hosted by Jiangnan University and Wageningen Academy, part of Wageningen University & Research. The aim is to contribute to a better quality of life for more people and find answers together for global changes such as food supply, quality, safety and nutrition. You can follow the webinars in English or Chinese.

Future Food Webinars

Food, always carries people’s desire towards a good quality of life, regardless of the rapid development of technology or the evolution of society, is closely associated with each one of us. Thus, the demand of foods also represents changes in the industry development and lifestyles. The vision of future foods is "nutritious, enjoyable, sustainable, and harmonious. JU-WUR Future Food Cloud Series aims to build a platform for both food scientists and professionals in the food industry to find answer together for global changes. Experts and scholars are invited to share the frontiers of future foods, with a focus on food technology innovation to jointly explore the future development of foods.

Calendar and topics

The topics will be covered by experts and scholars in the field of future food research from Jiangnan University, Wageningen University and Research, as well as other well-known universities or research institutes.

28 May New Protein Resources
4 June 3D Food Printing
11 June Food Preservation & the Green Supply Chain
18 June Food Safety & Tracebility
2 July Food Nutrition & Health Omics
9 July Food & Sensory Science